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Last Updated: 12/2/2019

We make every effort to keep the inventory listing up to date on the site but unfortunately real-time updates are not possible. Items listed here are not guaranteed to be in stock and pricing is subject to change depending on the monthly markup rate.

Available In Store


Available in Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper is located at shop entrance.


On Display in Showroom

Showroom is located at Alpha South #14H.
/wp [Asteroid, 70817, 68389, 267, Alpha South 14H]
Note: These items cannot be purchased directly in game. Please contact us for assistance.

Name Qty TT Value Tier Markup (PED) Markup (%) Price
Allure Leather Sofa 1 77.00 tt+29.85 PED tt+38.77% 106.85 PED
Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf 1 0.75 tt+1.50 PED tt+200.00% 2.25 PED
Else Light - Delta (C) 1 6.40 tt+6.5475 PED tt+102.30% 12.95 PED
Else Light - Delta (C) 1 4.12 tt+6.5475 PED tt+158.92% 10.67 PED
Nallo Ceiling Lamp (C) 1 1.35 tt+1.77 PED tt+131.11% 3.12 PED
Nallo Ceiling Lamp (C) 1 1.24 tt+1.77 PED tt+142.74% 3.01 PED
Outdoor Wicker Chair 1 2.07 tt+2.535 PED tt+122.46% 4.61 PED
Outdoor Wicker Chair 1 2.09 tt+2.535 PED tt+121.29% 4.63 PED
Outdoor Wicker Chair 1 2.20 tt+2.535 PED tt+115.23% 4.74 PED
Outdoor Wicker Chair 1 2.23 tt+2.535 PED tt+113.68% 4.77 PED
Worn Lounge Chair 1 1.53 tt+7.4775 PED tt+488.73% 9.01 PED

In Storage

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Items in storage are sold at tt + monthly or weekly MU, whichever is lower.