Asteroid F.O.M.A. is located in orbit of Planet Calypso.

From the Planet Calypso Space Station

Enter this into chat to create a Waypoint: /wp [Space, 58730, 70033, 157, Asteroid F.O.M.A.] and fly on over!

After landing on F.O.M.A.

Navigate to the Teleporter after you land your ship.

Use the Dropdown Menu to change the map to Asteroid.

Scroll down the list and select Main Complex Block B

Enter this command into chat to set a Waypoint: /wp [Asteroid, 70715, 70428, 263, F.O.M.A. Shop #59]

Head down the LEFT HALLWAY until you come to Shop #59

You’re Here!
Welcome to Startrader F.O.M.A. Shop #59!